Reasons To Pick Aluminum Windows

Aluminum does not crack, swell, split, warp, or shrink as the humidity levels or weather changes. This allows it to last for decades. Aluminum is ideally resistant to corrosion naturally, and so, you do not have to worry rust. Ideally, it’s not susceptible to rot, fungus, mildew, or termite attacks like wood.

The durability of the material, whether powder coated or anodized, is the reason it was used for windows and doors in the first place, and that’s why it is still a popular option.

Low Maintenance

Mostly due to the reasons mentioned above, aluminium windows do not call for a lot of maintenance. In comparison to wood, which has to be sealed and painted on a regular basis in order to protect against water damage, aluminum windows are something that you install and simply forget.

Flexible Design Options

You can leave aluminum in its condition when it was installed, but you also have the option to anodize or paint it to complement your style. Just pick your color, and the window frames will soon be looking as fabulous as the rest of your home.

Another advantage in regards to design is the amount of light that these types of windows allow to pass through. Since aluminum frames are half as thick compared to plastic and other materials, you enjoy the benefit of larger windows with more light.

Aluminum ideally features profiles that can fit double or triple glazing. When it comes to double glazing, aluminum windows matched with internal blinds are the go-to due to the inherent benefits. Aluminum can be used in both traditional or contemporary homes with profiles suitably-picked to suit both the interior and exterior aesthetics.

Energy Efficient

Compared to plastic and wood frames, aluminum can minimize heat loss by about 60%. This enables you to save a lot of money in energy bills. The exact amount that you’ll save depends on an array of factors including:

  • The amount you are currently spending
  • What type of windows you had before
  • Whether you use an electric or gas heating system
  • What kind of glass you intend to install with the aluminum frames.

Some homeowners have reported saving over 200% of their monthly energy bills, which is certainly a huge return on investment.

Matching Hardware

Aluminum is widely used in doors and windows as the ideal material for the framing. As such, there has been a rise in the availability of matching hardware in the form of seals, slides, hinges, locks and more. The hardware matches the frame and gives a harmonized appearance. It is ideally easier for the supplier to get matching hardware when you order your windows with internal blinds.

If you currently have single glazed windows and watch to move to double glazed panes with internal blinds, chances are the supplier will utilize aluminum as the frame to hold the panes in place. The retrofits blend in with the already existing framework without looking weird.

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