About Us

JDI Windows is your essential go-to resource if you want to replace windows or improve the functionality and appearance of your home. With us, you can find all the expert advice, product knowledge and design inspiration you need to create your dream home. We are constantly introducing technologically advanced aluminium windows. So along with our technical features and delicately designed sections you are assured of products that are not only guaranteed to last long but will also enhance your home.


To help and guide you in getting best value when it comes to aluminum windows and doors. We will help you to find the best structurally-sound and energy-efficient windows for your dream home. We strive to be your best buddy in window construction by providing you with innovative practices, operational excellence and professional expertise.


We are totally committed to providing you the highest quality product with the best service. You are important. We concentrate on a specialised range of products in order to understand every nuance. We can meet your needs and desires.