Transom Windows

Way back 14th century, transom windows have long offered an incredible add-on to your rooms. The fundamental description of the transom on the architectural world is a beam which transversally sits on top of a door splitting it up from the window up above. The transom window will be the special window which rests on top of that beam. They could be solely decorative, or they could be functional.

In older days, these were created to enable some light whilst still guarding the privacy of the people within the home. Holes were made on the wall on top of the door, having animal skin sometimes covering these to keep off cold air.

These days, transom windows could be as varied as they could be stunning. They could be manufactured from various sorts of material such as leaded glass, stained glass, sheet glass, acrylic, fiberglass, and many more; the frames could be wood, aluminum, vinyl as well as other materials.

When it comes to size, a transom window normally expands the width of the door frame. It’ll usually be a half-foot to a foot tall, based on the amount of space in between the door and the top beams.

Types and Benefits of Transom windows

Transom windows, as what the name implies, rest on top of the transom, or header beam, which is based simply above the door or window. Transom windows have been in existence for hundreds of years and were utilized to help supply, or pass through, extra sunlight all over the home.

Transom windows are usually seen as fixed windows which are utilized to fit well with other windows, like casement windows and double-hung windows.

Additionally, transom windows are usually utilized being accent windows on top of both interior and exterior doors.

Transom windows are usually employed with sidelights, vertical window panels, to give overhead and side natural lighting all around the external doorway entry. Transom windows also are located above garage doors to give natural light to the garage.

Apart from giving extra natural light, transom windows likewise help make a space or home feel bigger. Additionally, transom windows come in a number of shapes, like rectangular, semi-circle, as well as fan shaped. They’re also available in nearly every size imaginable, with various kinds of glass, such as stained glass designs. For that reason transom windows could also help to outline a room when it comes to design and aesthetics.

Transom windows are offered also in fixed or opening designs. Opening transom windows provide the additional advantage of giving air flow inside the house.

Generally they’re hinged at either the bottom or top of the window. Fixed transom windows, are typically utilized for ornamental and accent pieces all over external doors and therefore come in a number of window glaze kinds and frame designs. Often they’ve got several panes.

Some other great transom window benefits include giving natural privacy and security, while still enabling light to go in the home or room.

For the reason that a transom window is place higher on top of the doorway entry, as an example, privacy is retained while still providing natural light into the house. In addition, getting a transom window, the door can remain locked and closed for security and safety reasons, while still enabling light to go in the home.

When planning for a new home remodeling venture be sure to check out transom windows. They offer numerous functional and aesthetic advantages for every sort of major home remodeling project.

It’s always safer to talk to a professional window installer who could assess which transom window works best. A novice might not know how installing a window would affect the framing of the load-bearing wall.

The rise in popularity of transom windows has survived more than hundreds of years. The beauty which they contribute to a house arises from their power to make any room appear larger and lighter. Additionally, they could be practical, and helps to boost airflow in a private or business space. According to your financial budget, you can pick a transom window which will be perfect for your needs and put in more home’s value.