Awning Windows

Windows are available in numerous size and shapes. Every room at home or building features a different window style. Awning window, casement window, and double hung are a few of the most popular options.

Awning windows have enriched commercial and residential spaces for hundreds of years. They’re an excellent choice if you want ventilation which offers security and defense coming from outside elements.

What are Awning Windows?

The awning window includes a quadrilateral framework and glass which opens to the outside. It’s comparable to a casement window except for awning windows are hinged on the top rather than the side. In the bottom is a hand crank for closing and opening the awning window.

These types of windows obtain their name coming from the awning-like effect they make. They can efficiently defend the inside of your home particularly if they already have screens. Awning windows are common simply because they could be left open even if it’s raining.

Awning windows also are simple to operate, causing them to be great for hard-to-reach areas. Set them up above sinks or up high in bathrooms for personal privacy. They’re also an excellent option for basements that need ventilation high in wall. Awning windows are usually employed in conjunction with inoperable openings like picture windows.

5 Advantages Of Awning Windows

In case you’re planning to replace your worn out windows, you may get torn between the variety of choices offered to you. Apart from looking wonderful, awning windows can offer numerous other advantages to both you and your house. Below are a few of these!

Curb Appeal

Awning windows is a simple yet ideal means of improving your house’s architectural design. Simply because they are available in an array of patterns and styles, you can opt for an option which will beautifully complement the décor and design you’re wanting to integrate.

Energy Saving

Energy conservation is really a hot matter today. In case you’re searching for a method to considerably conserve energy, and also in an environmentally friendly way, changing your present windows with energy-efficient solutions can be quite a wonderful beginning. Awning windows come in double and triple panes and can help to lower your utility costs, and help you save some cash. In order to amp up the energy-efficiency of windows even more, search for window frames made from fiberglass or vinyl and also low-e coatings. Additionally, make sure that your windows are approved by Energy Star. This one thing can lead to a 12 percent decrease in your energy bills, and would greatly lessen your home’s carbon footprint.

Simple to Operate

Older windows are usually hard to close and open. Awning windows are actually developed having this concern in mind. They’re completely simple to operate, and usually a hand crank is sufficient to open up the panels. Absolutely yes, turn and crank, and you’re done.


The awning window boosts air flow to your dwelling and minimizes blockage of view to the outdoors. Certainly, a picture window can provide a similar advantage of amazing view of the outside, however won’t offer sufficient ventilation. It’s an extra benefit coming from awning windows.

An awning window could be fitted over the rest a fixed window or in the bottom. Your eye would be drawn to the center of the fixed window portion of the frame, and you’ll have still the room well-ventilated with refreshing air.

Defense Against the Elements

Awning windows could be a good idea in case you’ve got landscaping at the edges of your house, directly beneath the windows. You could have a gutter system however you can’t bank into it just to save your greenery coming from a heavy downpour. In order to avoid water from accumulating in shrubs and flowers and destroying any landscaping things under the windows, awning windows can certainly help divert the drops and spread the rain more evenly.