Double Hung Windows

f ever the old analogies of “2 is always better than 1” and “double or nothing” are also true to the field of home improvement, then it definitely are applicable for the kinds of windows you’ll choose when it is time to set up brand new ones or replace current windows.

Although there’s nothing wrong with single hung windows since they function and appear fantastic as well, the final thought is double hung windows are just better in a number of other ways.

Features Of Double Hung Windows

Although double hung windows are classic in their look, their features surpasses those of various other kinds of windows. They slide down and up to close and open, however you can also find 2 vertically sliding sashes which let you lift the window from the bottom in order to open, or lower from the the top of window. This flexibility enables you to open up the window coming from various angles, based on your very own tastes. Those vertical sashes somewhat overlap and could be tilted in for quick clean-up of the surfaces.

Benefits of Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows are a smart choice and include a lot of advantages – as a matter of fact, they’re among the most popular designs of windows available on the market. Double hung windows have 2 sashes on the window frame which could move down and up as well as tilt in.


Perhaps one of the best advantages which double hung windows offer: Excellent ventilation functions and also the capacity to regulate air flow. For optimum ventilation, you just open up both bottom and top sashes – the bottom sash can allow cool, fresh air to get in, while the top sash will let in warm inside air to be removed from it. It will help improve the quality of the interior air, making your home become cooler in a natural way. If you want only a bit ventilation, then open up simply one sash.


Double-hung windows are notable for their traditional charm, causing them to be ideal for any room or home. Furthermore, they are available in a number of sizes, styles, colors, as well as surface finishes. No matter what your home’s style, whether it’s traditional or modern, double-hung windows will definitely match your style.


This kind of window is made to provide easy maintenance. Double-hung windows usually include tilt-out sashes which make cleaning up simpler, as you could clean the interior as well as the exterior coming from inside of your home. A few even include detachable sashes. Apart from usual cleaning, you only need to frequently examine the other parts and ensure that every moving components are well-lubricated. Due to its little maintenance requirements, which any homeowner can simply follow, your windows will likely survive a very long time.


Double-hung windows let the simple installing of air conditioners as well as screens. Since most units are made to slide up and down rather than turning out or sliding sideways, they could securely support AC units, and enable for their easy removal, when needed.


As stated previously, double-hung windows don’t crank out, nor they project outwards – as a matter of fact, their style eradicates the potential risk of accidents on high-traffic areas like pathways, decks, as well as patios. Also, they are totally lockable, thus when they’re close, intruders will certainly have a problem attempting to break in via double-hung windows.


Apart from the excellent ventilation pointed out previously, this kind of window generates a good amount of sun light. Simply by selecting Low-E glass having gas fill, and Fibrex – a proprietary composite material recommended by householders for framing – you could even more boost savings in your energy expenses.

Don’t let yourself to become confused by the variety of advanced window solutions presently in the marketplace. Simply do your research and thoroughly investigate which kinds of windows could be the best match for your home. Definitely, you should consider double-hung windows being an option when choosing the ideal styles for your home.